The Perfect Detangling Conditioner .

      Lets face it ladies,show me a girl who has never had issues with their Brazilian, Peruvian,Indian ,chocolate Hair, the most frustrating being that they tend to tangle especially when left unattended.It's so bad that sometimes you have no choice but to throw the damn thing away,even though you'v.e spent a lot of money to get it .
      Well here's a little secret that will detangle your weave,extensions and will not break the bank.
The Just for Me Detangling conditioner. I know the product has been made for kids hair which tend to be difficult to manage ,but this little but mighty product has shown to do wonders on all kinds of hair by losing  up the knots at the ends ,and also conditioning the hair at the same time.
    This amazing products is non greasy and smells really nice, a little spray all around the hair ,allow for 10 seconds to settle in and then run your fingers through the hair before brushing or combing and  your hair is ready for the day.

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