Did you hear that ? It's the sound
of 2016 ticking away . Boy has it been a year !  Well let's just say that it was another year of learning  life lessons. Hello guys , unfortunately I will not be posting for a while because I have too many family stuff to take care of  this Christmas. Never the less i'll still be catching up on your posts and on social media. 
  I finally got to decorate my tree but it so happens that I had one delivered to the house as a gift just after I got the other one  myself and decorated it. I figured you can't have to many festive decorations in the house since we are in the Christmas season. Luckily for me I didn't have to bother decorating the other tree because it had its own colourful lights .  (see pics).
  My outfit today is nothing special except for these boots that I am obsessed with . My love for leggings has no end which is why these baroque printed ones I got from Boohoo made it to the blog. To be honest this is how I dress on most occasions because I find a good pair of leggings to be easy to style yet very comfy too. I would have to leave you guys here to catch up on errands but let me know what your plans are for the holidays . Mine is spending time with my loved ones and reconnecting with the ones I lost touch with. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Love you guys for all your support ,Kisses !! 


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