MAKING SUMMER FALL (How to style summer wears in Autumn)


       Shorts for autumn;Check , Velvet for warmth:Check and Capes to save the day; Double check. How many of us are dreading the fact that very soon those tanks ,Tees ,shorts and not to mention the
sun dresses that have become so trendy in maxi styles and off shoulder designs will have to go to the back of the closet in other to make room for the  next season's weather appropriate outfits.
       Hi guys, welcome to a new week, just a quick reminder that if you haven't entered my on going bloggavesary give-away on the blog,here is another opportunity to do so by leaving your comments/thoughts on today's post as i will be talking about some style inspirations and tips on how to transition into fall without doing away with some of your favourite summer wears. The give=away ends on the 19th of this month.

1.  Shorts :

       Long story short ,Yes they can be worn in Autumn (Fall) . If you're like me with skinny legs and ankles ,then get the tights out because they will help keep those legs warm in the cold. A little style tip on wearing shorts with tights and this applies to every skin tone, No matter what colour of shorts you have on, as long as the tights worn are black the colour co-ordination will suit pretty much any occasion they are styled for .

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2. Velvet

         Have you noticed how this luxuriously looking fabric has worn the hearts of celebrities this fall season,from Taylor Swift  to Kendall Jenner .There's something about the softness of velvet that makes you look like a million bucks without putting in too much effort if styled nicely,emphasis on ''nicely'' because we don't want to look like we're on a stage pulling a rabbit out of hat, or walking around in the playboy mansion. The good thing is that if you're one of those who likes to tread lightly when following trends or you're a little bit mesmerised by bright velvet colours when they dazzle in day light then you can opt for velvet accessories like chokers and foot wears to go with your dress/blouse and because of the texture of the fabric which gives a soft feel on the skin it can be worn all year round. Now to get your own velvet fix for the season , shop on www.tobi.com .

3 . Capes

             Looking for Sophisticated, chic, and elegant without the bulky layering? The capes have got you covered,and they are so easy to style ,all you need is just a foundation to work with (a dress or skirt with a  blouse ) and then throw on a well cut cape. Who needs Super Man when  you can look super stylish in your own cape.

Image credits :  www.tobi.com

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