Hello guys , so sorry i haven't posted anything lately , in fact this is my first post for the month of April. I have been so busy at work and at home that i haven't had time to come draft anything here,so please pardon  me. Thanks to everyone who's been here and has left comments on my previous posts, i really appreciate it.
     Moving on, I'm really excited that we are officially in Spring time because i cant wait to share more bright colours here on my blog, i'm fed up of wearing either black , grey or white for the past 5 months now, but then again no one ever gets rid of all their black apparels completely just because the winter season is over (i still love my blacks).
    Today's outfit wasn't planned at all because when these pictures were taken i planned to wear something more comfy and head down to the mall afterwards but that's the thing with Pink colours , it cheers you up the moment you put it one, i got really excited the moment i put on the rose quartz colour-blocking skirt and after a few minutes posing in front of the mirror i found myself  throwing on this and wearing that and just like that i managed to put together an outfit for the blog.
     I got this cool pink light coat from boohoo during the fall season but never got the chance to wear it then,so it's making its debut on the blog, it is actually sold out/unavailable now, but you can find a similar one at Topshop. I hope you all like the look and i intend to catch up on all my favorite blogs this week. Have a lovely week guys,Kisses!

Skirt / River Island (sold out but available here)
Coat /  Boohoo  Search  Here
Top / Boohoo
Peep toe Booties / Primark

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