HELLO NOVEMBER (instagram recap)

    This post is long over due ,i 've had it saved as a draft on my computer but haven't had time to edit and publish it , Hello people ,how's everyone doing today , i apologise for not updating the blog as often as i used to ,i have been swamped with work and a new course i
enrolled for,i was on a deadline to submit my work and that has taken me away from my computer , but trust my handy phone to keep up with my other posts on social media which i am sharing with you today on the blog.
    It's seems like a joke but we are just weeks away from Christmas not to mention 2016,I'm so grateful to have to come this far even though 2015 really came with it's own ''baggage" which i don't intend to carry on to 2016. Life is not a bed of roses ,there will be ups and there will be downs ,and i have come to accept the downs as a lesson and learn from it.  Moving on ,so you all know i cut my hair last month and i didn't realise how emotionally attached my family,friends and even some of my followers on instagram were to my long black hair until i revealed my look.
   As much as my mom and sisters were happy to see me join them on the natural hair band wagon they weren't thrilled about the colour,too bad ,they just have to wait for it to grow out because i'm not dying my hair again...lol.
  Anyway ,here are the rest of my looks that didn't make it to the blog, hope you all have a great day today ,and thanks to you all for  the beautiful comments on my blog , you guys really make my day each time i come to read them . I appreciate the crawlers and passers by too ..lol , don't be a stranger.

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