My,my,my, if Polyvore was my boyfriend he would have dumped  my ass by now, i visited my page on the site yesterday and realised that
my last outfit creation was two months ago and to think that this is one of my happy places each time i come to my computer or want to play ''imaginary'' dress up. This really shows how busy i have been ever since ,and i have really missed it. Hello dolls ,how was your weekend ,great i hope,Today i went on to Polyvore to create this set . I was feeling a bit stressed and wanted to take my mind off things and i found my self picking out fall pieces that i am currently lusting over.
  The long pink sleeveless coat is currently trending while the denim skirt is absolutely a must have because denim is always trending,you just have to be creative when styling them so it doesn't look boring.If you have been following my page on Instagram you would have seen the double buckle belt in the picture which i wore to dinner over the weekend so i can scratch that off the list,i did order the long coat from a UK online store which i'm not going to mention for now because they lost my order 3 weeks ago and i'm yet to get a replacement/refund. Anyway i wanted to share this particular set here on the blog for now as a consolation until it arrives..lol. So i hope you like it.
  By the way if you would like to know where the items are sold click on the polyvore link above and it will take you to my profile page where you can also see other sets.


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