BYE BYE SEPTEMBER-(Instagram in retrospect)

            With all the noise about the world coming to an end during the Full moon eclipse this week,i think we can all agree that scientists
and religious leaders are normal humans like us regardless of their predictions and fore telling.I don't think i stayed up for a minute to see the 'super moon ' on the 28th of this month ,thanks to my tired feet , lingering  headache and sore throat all symptoms of a stubborn flu. Hi guys,how are you all doing today welcome to the end of the world (lol) September, i'm feeling a bit ill at the moment but i wanted to compile some pictures i shared on my instagram page (and some that didn't make it to the blog) these past weeks for you guys,especially for my readers here on the blog , some pictures from the Fashion week ,items and outfit sets i put together at home,quick selfies i take on my way out,food,models,workout,makeup products ,etc. So here it is -what i have been up to on my instagram page this month.If you would like to read the captions on each picture,you can follow my page and view from my handle ( @stylenbeautylounge ) on your phone ,don't forget to click the follow button....Kisses!

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