Now i know why it's important to have that one friend that knows and understands you even more than you understand your self ,you know , that one friend who knows you're cheating on your diet when no one else can tell,the one that holds you back from going overboard in
your spending spree and seizes your card,last weekend was one of those days i wished i had one. Hello beautiful , yes you ,chilling in my lounge , i hope you're gearing up for fall as summer is gradually leaving us with tans and dead skin cells to get rid off. Last weekend i popped into the store to pick up some hair supplies since i mentioned here that i was going relaxer free,i have been researching products that can help me along the way ,and after i stepped out of the store i decided to pay a visit to their neighbours which  happened to be the Sephora outlet . Believe me ,i just wanted to see what they had in there and pick up an eye liner  just one eyeliner ,but i ended up coming out with these items up here in the bag.
   Now ,i haven't used any of them yet , so expect some reviews here on the blog in the coming days, besides the water proof eye liner by CLARINS the rest of the clarins items were given to me for free as samples and i am so eager to test them.


In order of Image display.

1. Clarins Water proof eye pencil
2. Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum (Tube box)
3. Clarins UV- PLUS anti pollution  Day Screen Multi protection  with SPF 50 ( sachet)
4. Sephora Eye & lip make up tablet ( it sure looks like a real tablet )
5. Sephora double duty exfoliator + Mask
6. Sephora Triple Action cleansing water for face and eyes
7. Sephora express cleansing wipes
8. Sephora Exfoliating face disk

       I can't wait to try the clarins set and the sephora cleansing water ,but be sure that i will be sharing my experience here when i do . Thanks for stopping by and have a great and fabulous and beautiful ,and lovely and awesome weekend..Kisses Y'all.

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