Hello Lovlies , Friday is finally here and i couldn't be more excited because it means i can now put my feet up and work slowly and not have a headache while doing so. I have been really really busy for the past few days , still working in my apartment and work as usual has been hectic because i have deadlines which i have to meet up. Anyway ,i had a reason to smile last week as i was leaving the house to run
some errands, i got a delivery on my door step and when i opened the package i found this gorgeous hair that was sent to me by Irresistible Me , well, being very curious i didn't want to wait to open the package when i got back home so i went back up stairs and opened the box immediately.
   The first thing that really impressed me about this hair was the weight,it's 200g weight and it has a loooot of volume,(emphasis on lot),  they came with clip-ins,so this is not a sew-in ,i managed to clip them unto my hair after washing , blow drying and straightening my hair but like i said it was a lot of volume so i didn't use up everything in the box.

  This is the entire content of the box all laid out on my bed in the pictures below, i also got this ELLE brush from a near by store which i used for it on a video review on my INSTAGRAM PAGE page for you to see that this hair has NO SHEDDING AT ALL,i mean zero percent shedding when i brushed it ,zilch! so trust me when i say that this is a must have when looking for durable and authentic hair extensions.
  I am wearing  the royal natural black  remy hair in colour 1B ,24 inches ,200g. 24 inches is 24 inches as you can see it hits my waist line, bear in mind that i am tall and i have a long torso ,so whether it is stretched or straightened it is still a 24 inch length. I didn't dye it but i did wash ,dry and straightened some part of the hair with my flat iron just to blend it with my hair and it responded well to heat.

There is an on going sale on the site,so what better time to take advantage of this and shop on the site than now,( you guys know i love sales..lol) , the store ships worldwide and shipping is really fast regardless of where you are located, There is a link below for you to click on and view the colours and lengths available. Hope you all have a lovely weekend ....Kisses!

Irresistible me Hair Colour Selection


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