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     Sometimes it gets to a point where the trust you have for someone or something can no longer be questioned especially when it comes to keeping promises, This is the case with
Maybelline mascaras and i , it seems the moment i see a new one on the shelf  i don't have to go back home to read reviews on them before i can make up my mind to buy or not to buy. Welcome to the month of May -belline people, today i'm going to be sharing with you pictures of my eyes before and after i used this mascara and then tell you what i noticed about this mascara.


             My lashes are not that long in fact they are not long at all  and they are quite scanty  from the 'before ' pictures up there, so in the past i would reach for a mascara that  gives 'volume' like the one i reviewed here and then top up with several coats. Here, i only had to coat twice and i didn't use an eye lash curler either.
            I absolutely love the bristle on the wand its really thin and very easy to hold while applying . Now here's the best part , when i applied this i started from the root and then moved all the way up slowly ,like i was combing my lashes,with just one stroke it separated my lashes making them look thinner and longer , the second coat was what lengthened them . There were no clumps or lashes sticking together . I did the same with my lower lashes and i can almost count them individually ,Amazing , i'm loving this mascara and the wand it came with, for those of us who like it minimal when it comes to makeup this is perfect, Below is the finished look.

  Thanks to everyone who participated in my give away with Tmart Store , the Giveaway is now over and we are collating the entries ,so please visit my blog as often as you can as the winner will be posted here before the end of the week. Happy new month beauties!


  1. Great mascara :) Looks very good!

  2. Great review and your makeup is on fleek! :)

  3. I might need to try this. Your lashes look so natural and long!



    P.S. Enter to win a teeth whitening kit in my giveaway!

  4. I will definitely buy this, but I still have 3 to finish first! You look stunning with the hair and all!

  5. this mascara looks great! ;)
    Check it out my new post here:

  6. I've seen quite nice reviews on this masacara but I have tons of mascara right now! nice review and pictures btw :)

  7. I love this mascara too!

  8. I have very short and sparse eyelashes too and I agree this mascara is AMAZING! I like this way better than Maybelline The Falsies!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. Looks like it works and your make-up is so beautiful.

    xx Lori


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