'''Its getting hot in here , so take off all your clothes , i am getting so hot i wanna take my clothes off'''' , that song by Nelly got me thinking if i should take off my hair colour too...lol . Yes it's getting warmer or should i say hotter now that we are gradually approaching summer season.
      Welcome to a new week and a new post which is all about hair and colours that are inspiring me to change from my naturally black hair to something a bit more feisty. I'm thinking red should be suitable for my skin tone like the hot red shade on Tyra Banks .
      Not that my black hair is boring but right now, i'm thinking of ways to change my looks starting with my hair this summer, i've always liked my black hair the way it is , but whenever i want to add extensions to them like the one i have here or weaves i start to think of other coloursapart from black.
      If you are looking to change things up this season  with your hair, do take  a look at my current picks in the link below and see which one inspires you too.


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