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                 Warm weather or Cold weather ,i am constantly switching my products in order to adjust to my skin needs and today on the blog i am sharing a few of what i am using now for both my skin
and hair. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


       So i'm starting off with the Rose Water in the picture , (sorry i forgot to upload the picture of the bottle) If you've been following my page on Instagram i mentioned that i was suffering from a break-out that occurred because i took Biotin for the first time for my hair,well i added the rose water to my facial regimen to help me get rid of them.
      Apart from it's natural ingredients , Rose water works as a mild astringent or facial toner. It works perfectly for me when i want to calm things down , so if i have everything spreading out on my face , from acne to dry skin i use this at night after removing make up and cleansing.

   I also went on a haul for lip balms and the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue was what i picked up,this lip balm has menthol in it and also the range has spf . The one up here is called ''Pink Me Up'' ,a pink stick but appears transparent on the lips when applied , the menthol gives you that feeling that you are actually wearing something on your lips for days you don't want to wear lip colours. I love the balm and it lasts really long and doesn't flake.
   This is followed by my Rimmel Lipstick in colour code 058 ''Drop Of Sherry'' .

   To be honest i can't say  much about the Nivea range of BB creamsbecause i have only used it three times, whenever i'm looking for a light coverage and i mean really light coverage i use it. I don't expect it to cover much of my dark circles or acne spots but it does a good job of giving you a light glow on the face. Even though it contains and spf of 10 , i still use the Revlon Sun block cream before using this, This particular Revlon Sun block has an spf of 50,which is fine for me.

        Adding this to my hair regimen has been beneficial , Yes it stimulates hair growth especially when you massage gently on the scalp . I add this to my coconut oil and massage twice a week on the scalp , i do this at night before going to bed , during the day the smell can be very over powering if you use a lot of it  so it's best to use  a few drops at night or if you intend to stay in doors.

       I take this with me everywhere i go , the Nivea one up here i use almost every time of the day , contains Jojoba oil and vitamin E. I think every skin lotion , cream , anything meant for the skin should always contain vitamin E as it is essential for healthy skin.

          SHOWER GELS
                  I got this as a set of perfume and shower collection , but i have only started on the Gel up here , the smell is lovely and i use this with my almond oil when taking a shower .To prevent my skin from drying up i always combine oils to my bath soap/gel/cream , in the past i would use drops of glycerin but i have recently switched to oils instead.


  1. That Nivea i use as a hand cream. Thanks for sharing doll

  2. I loved your choices dear x

  3. I love your lipstick collection.

  4. I wish I cn get a bb cream that will suit me here :( I can't go anywhere without my hand cream as well haha!

  5. Wow babe, I didn't know that peppermint oil was good for hair as well!! Thank you for the tip! Will definitely be trying it for sure!! :) Loved the picks for sure!! :)

  6. I cannot live without my Nivea moisturizer either Uzo!!! Literally - it's my favorite cream I have ever had.
    Also rose water is so damn good for you. I make my own.. so good for your skin as a toner xx

  7. Girl, you care for your skin a lot. Which isn't bad 'cause I'm just the same. When it comes to moisturizing my dry areas I always go for Nivea.

    xx Lori

  8. I want to try the Nivea bb cream :)

  9. Love this! I currently use Lavender and have peppermint oil and never considered using it for my scalp, definitely going to try. I too swear by rose water, it truly the most soothing for my skin and the scent is very calming too.

  10. Beauty comes with effort... nice share.
    234 Jam Blog

  11. I love that Nivea hand cream, it works well! xx

  12. Everything looks great - love the Babylips! Perfect all year round! :)

    Layla xx

  13. Just sliding by, feel better love.

  14. my skin is so sensitive...i have been trying to use some sensitive skin products but still the so sad i haven't been able to get what suits my skin.....i like the way u care ur skin

  15. Lots of products! I'm a fan of essential oils/oils, too! I constantly use lavender and eucalyptus oils in my bath, and I use almond oil on my face daily. All NOW Foods brands, too!

    All the Cute
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  16. I love essential oils!
    Lovely lipstick indeed :)))


  17. These are some great beauty essentials. That lipstick is hot. :-)

  18. Amazing routine! Thanks for sharing!



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