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   So you've had that wedding invitation sitting on the table for weeks and yet you have no clue what you're wearing on that day,or you may be the beautiful bride that has been having a difficult time picking that special dress for yourself and for your bridal train. Well ,whatever the occasion ,where
ever the venue ,there is a site that has got your back. I recently visited AVIVA DRESS .CO .UK and i couldn't believe how one store could have everything you need all in one store when it comes to dresses.


   From Vintage Wedding Dresses that come in all sizes to beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses that suits your destination,it's like having your own personal wedding stylist on-line to help you select the best dress that fits your requirements for that special day.
  There are also colourful BRIDESMAID DRESSES that are elegant and affordable if you are planning on a budget. The pictures below are some of  the ones i like and will be marking down or making a mental wish for .

Brides Maid Dresses

    Apart from wedding dresses ,there are also gorgeous prom dresses that have been designed with the body conscious girl in mind. Below are pictures of some Long Prom Dresses and Short Prom Dresses  that colourful and quite affordable too.


    Your semi-formal dress doesn't have to be expensive, as long as they are tailored right for the occasion, then all it needs is a great body to wow the guests at any cocktail  you are attending or hosting. Take a look at some really nice CockTail Dresses and Evening Dresses that have over 80 % off on purchase.
  I particularly like these ones below as they are very elegant and stylish at he same time without overwhelming the eye.

Evening Dresses

Cocktail Dresses

    These lovely dresses make it so hard to pick just one and with the on going sales on the site making it even harder ,the site offers free shipping on orders above £199 and there is always an on-line friendly customer service to answer any questions you have. To view more dresses, designs,start shopping or talk to a customer care person click on the Link below. Happy Shopping!

  AVIVA DRESS                                   


  1. These are such pretty dresses!

  2. wow beautiful dresses! xx

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  3. Oh my gosh, that blue gown is a dream. Very beautiful dresses!

  4. They make beautiful evening dress

  5. Amazing dresses!

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  7. Lovely options. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. lovely perfect for special occasions!


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