As much as i love experimenting and trying out new products for hair skin and everything else , i am also a firm believer in vitamins and nutrients that are derived from natural things around me, but what do you do when some of them are out of reach or they are simply not totally safe for you to use,that is the case of the Vitamin D which is derived from sunlight. I am not going to bore you with all the scientific jargon or the
procedure that this involves , but what i'm trying to say is that the moment one decides to hide from the sun or prevent your skin from direct contact with sunlight because of its harmful rays,then you better make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D else where to help you with your hair loss and immune system in general.
          About a month ago i did a post on  hair growth challenge using supplements ( which is still on by the way), and i've realised that even though i'm getting more new hair growth at a relatively faster pace ,i am also  losing more hair as well. Well, i went on to do a research on my diet and meal plan and realised that part of it was because my diet was lacking Vitamin D,so i recently headed down to a local pharmacy and got the bottle you are seeing in my picture up there.
        I just started taking this 3 days ago so i can not review or do a before and after just yet. But if you would like to know the benefits of vitamin D and why it is essential for most of us on a hair journey then continue reading.
   Vitamin D provides calcium balance in the body which prevents arthritis, they are the vitamins that help strengthen weak muscles in the body. It also gives a healthy immune system and regulates blood pressure in adults, they also help to prevent poor eye sight in babies and children. Now for the part that interests me - Vitamin D for hair loss prevention ,With adequate consumption of vitamin D rich foods or supplements and proper massage on the scalp their is evidence that shows that this can help to reduce hair shedding especially in adults. The mistake a lot of people make is that when they do take the supplements or Vitamin D rich foods they do not massage the scalp to help stimulate blood flow in that area.
  Like i said ,i am not going to make this a long post on vitamin D ,so i'm just going to leave you with these final tips.

  •  Ensure that as an adult , you are consuming at least 600IU of vitamin D daily 
  • Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin D  e.g Tuna ,Salmon,Milk.
  • If you're not exposing your self to sunlight on a daily basis then try to make up for this by taking Vitamin D supplements.
  • Always massage your scalp every night before going to bed to help with the process of preventing hair loss while still taking the vitamin supplement.

Thanks for taking the time to read .


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