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              Have you ever been in a situation where you're ready to wash your hair and you realise that your last bottle of conditioner is empty and you have nothing to apply to your hair on your wash day? Well i have been in such situations and when such happens i race down to my kitchen and prepare something myself. Yes dear, you can make your own conditioners right in your home with out breaking the bank , in fact those D.I.Y recipes for conditioners sometimes work better than the store branded ones.
         Below are step by step instructions and
 pictures on how i prepare my own deep conditioners at home.


  • 1 Ripe Avocado ( cored and skin removed )
  • 1 Fresh  Egg 
  •  Honey  (Natural Unprocessed , 2 table spoon full)
  • Coconut Oil  (3 table spoon full )
  • Apple cider vinegar ( 2 table spoon full)
  • A heat cap or shower cap 
  • A Blender or  A Mixer

          For The avocado, it has to be really ripe to prevent lumps ,avocados are a good source of fatty acids for the hair and in this mixture it brings all the other ingredients together creating a slightly heavy texture.
          The eggs are rich in proteins and cholesterol. In one of my previous posts here i talked about cholesterol and how it helps in achieving a healthy hair growth, here the eggs will provide that along with the proteins that the hair needs for strengthening.
          Honey is sweet to the hair , it helps retain moisture which my hair so desperately craves sometimes. Its best to get the organic /natural honey when using it here. It also leaves my hair feeling softer after conditioning.
          Where do i begin with the coconut oil,it is excellent for hair especially for those with natural/afro hair ,it helps in reducing shrinkage which is common with natural coily hair, i once ran out of the ones i bought from the store ,and then realised i had some coconuts in the house and began to make coconut oil from scratch ,all that grating ,blending ,boiling ,sieving and collecting i tell you its no joke at the end of the preparation i had made 2 ounces of coconut oil from 4 medium sized coconuts ,*phew*! i guess it was worth it or may be not. Anyway, you can get them from any store or supermarket ,just make sure  its PURE coconut oil with no additives.
            The apple cider vinegar in this mixture is essential for detangling ,especially after rinsing out the conditioner. 
             Lastly you will need a blender , a plastic cap or a heat cap. For the plastic cap you will have to wear it longer on your hair than a heat cap which has a cable to connect to the wall providing the heat much quicker  in a shorter time than the plastic cap.





Directions :

       Start by placing avocado in a mixing bowl or in the blender ,and turn on the mixer,ensure you mix thoroughly to prevent lumps, gradually begin to add the rest of the ingredients above ,mixing as you go along. Do this until you have a smooth paste.
       Remove the mixer and apply the mixture to the hair ( not scalp) . Start from the lower half of your hair and work your way up to the ends. When you have reached all the hair,then put on the heat cap and allow to sit for 15 to 25 minutes depending on the state of your hair. For the plastic cap (or shower cap) it has to sit longer ,say 30 to 45 mins,i sometimes leave it on for an hour,the heat allows the mixture to penetrate into the fibres of the air to get an effective process of deep conditioning the hair ,then remove the cap and detangle with a wide tooth comb.
      Rinse off with Luke-warm water, and dry the hair with a T-shirt or allow the hair to air dry.I always prefer to air dry the hair rather than use a dryer. The next thing i do is apply a leave in conditioner or moisturiser,seal with coconut oils and style as usual.



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