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          So it's the end of my birthday month ,and i really hate to see the love month go by so quickly (*sobbing*)..., I guess its because its the month with the shortest number of days,but I'm glad  and thankful that i got to celebrate it with my family. Today's post is about
bold colours and ,i just wanted to do this quick post on it.
   If you've been reading and following my outfit posts here on the blog , you will observe that pink and black are one of my favourite colour combinations especially black , although i tried not to go all black so i picked a nude colour for my shoes this time.
  In this picture i have just one jewelry on which is the black hoop earrings with stones on them and  one accessory- my wrist watch , and a faux snake-skin over sized clutch, i just wanted to keep it nice and simple. Make up and hair was D.I.Y as, Below are the rest of the pictures.

                Thanks for stopping by my blog and Hope you guys have a lovely weekend and a happy new month tomorrow.


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