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    You might wonder what cholesterol has got to do with hair products since it is mainly found in the body as lipids,i had researched about this some time ago and discovered that even though cholesterol does have a high amount of fat it also has proteins in it as well but in very little quantity,and we all know that hair strands are mainly proteins and lipids but more of  proteins. Cholesterol is very important in a hair care regimen not just for its  
protein content but the lipids in cholesterol help protect and treat dry damaged hair when they come in contact with the hair fibres.
   Cholesterol does have certain functions in the body but i would not advice that you go looking for food supplements that are high in cholesterol just because you intend to treat dry , brittle and damaged hair from within,this is because high level of cholesterol in the body is also dangerous to one's health.
   Now back to its importance in hair care and why i opted for this particular brand. Research has shown that vitamin D can be used to prevent hair loss or shedding as the case may be,but do you know that cholesterol converts sunshine to Vitamin D,well if you didn't know ,now you do and this is one of the reasons why i have  been using this product on my hair for about two weeks now.If you live in a hot and sunny region like i do then this will be a plus for you or rather for your hair.

         I was sold on this brand just for the fact that it has really great ingredients in it,like the tea tree oil which also helps with shedding, in the past i would get some tea bags and brew a large pitcher for my tea rinse ,but to be honest ,it made me wash my bath every single day because of the residue left behind in the bath tub
 This product is non greasy and doesn't weigh down my hair because the consistency is not heavy either, and the best part is that it's actually a dual purpose conditioner ,meaning that you can use it as a leave -in conditioner for when styling your hair or you can use it as a rinse-out conditioner for after shampoo when washing your hair,I use it for both.


          For the rinse-out ,I leave it on with a heat cap for at least 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing out, and during the day i apply it to my ends which  tends to get really dry,and i have to say as soon as i apply this product in the mornings and style my hair in a tucked in pony tail to protect my ends , by the end of the day when I'm ready for bed ,the ends of my hair are still soft and silky,This was what i noticed with this conditioner. I still moisturise and seal my hair from time to time ,but for those days when they get really dry , I use this.
     I would recommend this product for all hair textures (natural,relaxed,texlaxed) because it will do the same thing , and more especially for a natural hair ,it will help relieve hard to detangle areas when combing and also because it is water based. Its a large, plastic, 15 ounce jar and costs about #650 (six hundred and fifty naira ), which is in the range of about $3 or $4.
   Would like to know your thoughts on this particular product or any hair product with Cholesterol that you have used.Sorry for the lengthy review and thanks for taking the time to read....xo




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