Ladies are you feeling the dry and dusty hazy wind yet ? Well if you're in Nigeria right now you will understand why i'm asking .The harmattan season is here and we all know what that means , from dry flaky skin to dry gray looking dusty hair not to mention  the dry chapped lips that sometimes become sore and painful...(*shivers*)
When i was younger it was Vaseline to the rescue , my folks had that thing in every room at home for us as kids. That was the only way we could beat the harmattan,but as we get older and wiser we discover better products that are safer for us and our house hold because vaseline its self contains a  huge percentage of mineral oil.
So here are a few of the items i'll be hanging on to for now until the weather gets better.

ALOE LIPS -  For those of you who
are into MLM ( Multi Level Marketing) you may have come across this product from FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS (FLP). Its just a simple lip balm which contains jojoba oil and aloe vera ( as it is with everything FLP...lol),it  keeps my lips moisturised, i carry it around in my bag , though very small in size i like the fact that its easy to open, unlike the ones in flat metal jars, and the smell is quite nice. I often use it before any lip stick application but now i use it almost every hour whether i'm wearing make up or not. Lip balms are very essential this season ,so Its time you throw one in your handbag too.

GLYCERINE : There are many uses of glycerine , for me i prefer to use it in the shower , either with my shower gel or just with water. It prevents your skin from having that dry feel after stepping out from the bathroom.

BODY BUTTER : This is best for knees ,elbows, and toes and for the hair . If you have been exfoliating these areas ,its best to follow up with natural shea butter or cocoa butter after applying your moisturiser.

HYDRATING CLEANSER : I recently did a review on the one i use  here ,but really, any good hydrating cleanser will be great for the harmattan , especially when removing your makeup.

HAND CREAM: They come in very handy sizes , i'm used to carrying them around regardless of the weather. Nivea has one that contains Co-Q10  which is a naturally produced enzyme responsible for the body's cell regeneration.

SHOWER GEL/CREAM : Forget exfoliating soaps and scrubs  (at least not totally, but for now) ,the dry flaky skin you see is signs of dead skin cells already shedding,the best way to start your skin routine every morning this season is to use a shower gel , they are good moisturisers that will not leave your skin dry after you've showered . Dove has a variety of them and very affordable too.

MOISTOURISERS :  This is most essential ,if you've been using an average regular moisturiser now is the time to step it up. Look for one with natural oils like coconut oil , jojoba oil e.t.c. or you could whip up some natural shea butter at home add some natural oils and essential oils and you've got your own body cream.

VITAMIN C : Best for everything, good for the skin ,nails and hair. One should have at least 70mg to 100mg everyday.

SUNBLOCK : Lastly ,don't forget your sunblock.The fact that you're not sweating from the sun out there doesn't mean its not pouring down its harmful rays on your skin. Apply a sun block that has an SPF 30 or more everyday before leaving the house,Ten years from now your skin will thank you.

  In addition to all these ,water is very important.It will keep you hydrated during the harmattan season and this goes a long way to help the skin from the inside.Take at least 6 full glasses of water a day ,first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed.


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