Happy New month people , it seems like yesterday when we were all outside with our fireworks ushering in the year 2013 and slowly,hours tunrned into days, the days turned into weeks ,weeks into months and now we are in the last month of the year waiting for 2014 to be ushered in once again.As you all know thanksgiving was last week and now with just 24 days to christmas,i dont know about you but for me , everyday is thanksgiving. Being thankful for just seeing and being part of a new and beautiful day is what i'm always thankful for . What are the things you are thankful for ? If you can't seem to think of anything at all,well you can be thankful for the following for starters.


    Among The little things we take for granted ,water is one of them.Imagine living without good water to drink or water to clean up daily,That would be a disaster,Yet millions and millions of people around the world have fallen ill and have died due to lack of clean water.This is something we should all be thankful for.


    As i child growing up, we sometimes studied at home using candle lights and today most homes cant even boast of candles how much more electricity,its quite unfortunate that with all the sources of energy which has been made available to us in the world  ,some countries are yet to experience electricity in their homes. Hospitals carry out surgeries in dark rooms, children complaining of poor eye sight from reading in the dark,the elderly dieing of cold because of lack of heating,If you have an hour of electricity available to you ,that's enough reason to be thankful.


 So you've been waking up to a bright and sunny day, and the grasses on your lawn  have recieved both rain and sunlight in moderation,and not waking up to witness a huge storm,typhoon,tsunami or an earthquake,This is the natural wealth which comes freely to you,It's something to be thankful for.

4.  (MOTD).

     Outfit of the day (ootd), Face of the day (fotd),fashion , beauty, makeup ,these are the things bloggers like me all like to talk about ,but what if you had no food to eat or share, i see a lot of starvation and farmine in some parts of the world, we see them  all on tv and even witness it around us, yet we have food daily on our tables to  share as our my meal of the day (MOTD). Be thankful not wasteful.


   There is a saying that ''health is wealth '' ,good health care doesnt come cheap, even doctors can not predict the state of your health tomorrow and for some, there is no  access to health care.If you are not spending  your enitre wages towards healthcare bills or prescription drugs then you truly need to be thankful.If you have not had any reason to see a doctor or visit the clinic for the past weeks ,days or months,be grateful.


       Have you got a roof above you? A place to eat ,sleep and play? If yes .Be Thankful.

7.  LIFE

   Are you breathing? Are you walking ? Can you see or Read this ? Did you wake up to see the last month of the year 2013? If Yes ,then go on your knees and be thankful to God because you are Alive.
   These are just a few of a million things i am grateful for , and will forever be .

                         WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR ?


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