Rrrrrrgghh!!! - WILD INSTINCT

         Lately ,I've been feeling the trend on the wild side,mostly the leopard prints that are trending in so many shades and combinations.I see the Animal prints ensemble as something that will always continue to trend season after season.
        They also come in different designs and accessories including nail arts ...yea. Most common colours I've seen around are either combined with black or brown , but they also come in unconventional colours like black and red , black and neon ,and also black and pink.
     Below are pictures of sets I've created on how i would style different animal prints.To view more pictures please visit and like the sets on my page as beautilicous .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gisele


     I've had this blouse for many years now, and like i said the animal print fashion is always trending every year (maybe that's why i still have it in my closet), regardless of the weather/season . I think it's because you can always get them in practically any type of design, or accessory ,be it shoes, scarves, purses, or jewelry.
   If you're having problems trying to style an animal print ensemble ,i would suggest you go with black like the pictures above. Or if you would like to bring it in as an accessory then try pairing your outfit which could be a simple work shirt or dress with an animal print scarf thrown around your neck. I am also loving the set below which  has a leather skirt in leopard print as well.


       So my beautiful fashion lovers, go on and unleash the wild style in you by dressing up in any of these colourful and fierce wild life prints.I really love viewing your styles and outfits ,so please if you have a link to where i can view them ,polyvore, instagram ,whatever ,just feel free to comment or leave a link below in the box.

                                           HOW DO YOU DRESS YOUR WILD SIDE?

                                                        Thanks For Reading.....XO

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