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TUCKED IN PONY TAILS AND BUNS - Getting Tired Of Protective Hair Style

    I am quite sure by now that those who see me everyday or who have seen some of my pictures on instagram or on this blog already know that this particular protective styling has been my staple hair style.I find it to be the easiest way to get my hair ready for the day without looking like a mess.Its very easy ,effortless and  it takes about two or three minutes and you're done.
   I wanted to try some thing else with my real hair since i'm not big on hair extensions/wigs nor braids,so i got an update recently on Yolanda's current post on Side swept flat twist-out ,and yesterday i styled my hair the same way using no heat at all.

          This style reminds me of the 80's hair style (Hello Evelyn ''Champagne'' King..) which celebrities like Alicia Keys have also rocked as well.Though my hair is now seven weeks post-relaxer, i didn't use any holding spray so i wasn't expecting the curls to last all day,but for me it was a good change from the usual buns and tucked in pony tails.


       This hair style is quite nice and really gives you a different look especially for people like me who are used to styling their hair in a particular way.If you would like to know how to style it ,head on to Yolanda's blog  Here  to see how. Don't forget to leave a link to where you would like us to view it.
    By the way, ProductsThatActuallyWork is now on instagram, so my darlings, feel free to follow and share your pictures with me,i can't wait to view them.....(smiles)...xo.


                                                  WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO HAIR STYLE FOR THE DAY?

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