So below are pictures of my recent buys,and for quite sometime i have been looking to get a new foundation but wanted to try a liquid foundation this time since my M.A.C studio fix powder foundation shattered.I read a lot of reviews on the Revlon Colour Stay foundation, mostly good reviews before i went on to get one,i was more concerned about getting the right foundation for my skin type but didn't realise it would be harder to get the right shade for my skin tone .The Revlon colour stay foundation comes in combination/oily skin and Normal/Dry Skin and in so many shades as well - (mocha,natural tan,true beige,cool beige e.t.c.),but having waited a long time to see if i they were going to stock up more shades since none of the ones in the store looked right on my skin i settled for the closest to my skin tone and then went on to use the Mary Kay Medium-coverage foundation to mix it with in order to get the right shade.

  • elf Mineral Infused Face Primer
  • Revlon Colour Stay Foundation
  • Mary Kay Medium-Coverage Foundation
  • Sleek Blush Palette In Pumpkin

     The Mary Kay medium-coverage foundation is ideal to make a nice tinted moisturiser using your average moisturiser,but when it came to mixing it with another foundation like the Revlon colour stay foundation i was really careful not to over do it because i was looking closely at the mixture to attain the right shade that blends well.


        The Revlon Colour Stay is quite thicker than the Mary Kay medium-coverage that all you need is just a pea size to blend in properly. It did last longer than i expected it to,it  took about five to six hours before i noticed my face was beginning to shine ( i have a really oily facial skin ,you can practically fry an egg on it...lol ).I think the wait is over  for another Revlon Colour Stay shade of foundation.This shade does it for me.
  (Sorry about the spellings Colour/Color,i'm used to writing in British english....lol )

                                  HAVE YOU USED ANY FOUNDATION BY REVLON OR MARY KAY ?
                                                   HOW  DO YOU APPLY YOUR FOUNDATION ?

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