It seems like ages since i did any health post on my blog,looks like i just got carried away with all the hair and skin products i have been using lately. Honestly, I've come to realise that to achieve a healthy life style and also a glowing skin one must engage in two things - A healthy diet and regular Exercises,and not just relying on products alone.
    It's not as easy as it sounds especially if you are already used to a sedentary life style,or if your work/business does not allow time for both.When exercising i don't  just work out to keep fit because i'm not consistent at it ,so when i do work out i do so to shed a few pounds or burn calories that i have accumulated with my uncontrollable sweet tooth...lol. which brings me to my diet.
  I have accepted my weaknesses (cakes and ice cream), so keeping up with the diet part can be a bit of a challenge when trying to shed the pounds. The truth is i often rely on certain herbal remedies like my green tea to help me kick start the process.You may have come across the Master cleanse Diet which celebrities like Beyonce do in order to lose a few pounds.
  The Master Cleanse is not new , and since this will be my first time , i don't intend to make it a regular detox routine. The process involves Water, Fresh Lemon Juice , Cayenne Peppers (some people use organic peppers), and 100% grade B Maple Syrup.The entire mixture can be found on this site ,but below is just a few benefits derived from this cleanse.

  • It dissolves and eliminates toxins from the body
  • It helps in relieving pressure in the blood vessels
  • It helps to eliminate waste and other  products the body doesn't need but can not get rid of on its own
  • Most importantly it cleanses the Organs and digestive tracts preparing it to function properly when you're working out.

  It is often advised not to rely on The Master Cleanse for extreme weight loss because even though you get to shed the weight, the weight loss may not be permanent ,meaning there is every tendency of gaining it back and quicker too...yes.

             Its very important to detox once in while especially if you intend to work out long term or have indulged in junk foods for a long time.Water is very important when doing the master cleanse detox ,but that isn't new to me as that will be the easy part during this detox.I also intend to do this for 4 days only and see how it goes.

   ( WARNING ! ) if you've had any medical history/condition like ulcers or other serious health issues relating to any part of your organs, please talk to your doctor before doing this particular detox,Otherwise you can just brew a cup of green tea and try to drink at least six glasses of water every day.

                                                                   DO YOU DETOX? 
                                         WHAT DO YOU DO OR USE WHEN DOING A DETOX?

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