M.A.C. SO CHAUD LIP STICK - Classic Red Lipstick Update

      The long awaited M.A.C. lipstick review is finally here and this will be my very first M.A.C. lipstick *gasp*! If you'll remember, i did a post on my first red lip colour Here and like i said lipsticks have never been my thing  ,lip glosses -yes,lip liners -yes, but lipsticks - gradually getting there.
     You would have probably seen this particular shade around on dark skin tones , but if you ask me i think the So Chaud is for any skin tone.First of all its a matte Lipstick which i like and then the colour is just great. Here's the thing about M.A.C. Products ,its expensive but they always, always, always ,(emphasis on always) deliver the good stuff, i'm saying this because I've never been disappointed in any of their make-up products which i have used,so this gave me a lot of confidence when i was buying the lipstick.



        The M.A.C So Chaud is what i would call a coral red but some people might refer to it as an Orange shade,well ,that could be true depending on how many times you apply it.I did say in my tagged post that i am quite clumsy at applying makeup ,i did not apply the lipstick using a brush ,i only used a lip balm before application and lined my lips slightly with a lip liner before applying the lipstick.

        The M.A.C. So Chaud has a long staying power,it doesn't smudge easily and i'm absolutely loving the casing ,Its really portable ,i'm glad i got my money's worth...lol. For me ,this lipstick is definitely a keeper,and it's something i would wear anytime (day or night).

                                        HAVE YOU TRIED ANY LIP COLOURS FROM M.A.C. ?    
                                 WHAT BRANDS OR SHADES HAVE BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE?

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