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         Hi everyone, i just got back from an art exhibition and i just couldn't wait to share it here.The gallery of art work is titled Fireworks done by d'artist Chike Onuorah. The exhibition has been running since the 5th of October and having had a really busy week lately i didn't want to miss it since it was coming to a close tomorrow the 12th,and i'm glad i didn't.
        The paintings that were on display were so colourful and painstakingly done with a lot of hidden details that only a lover of art could decipher,but then again a good piece of art work does speak to the many ways.
        Also on display were a collection of poems and ornamental paintings which will make for a good home decor or design.The thing with Ornamental paintings is they always have a place in any home ,bedrooms,hall ways, dining rooms,making them a good conversation piece.

              I was more intrigued by his interpretation of every day life and nature using different shades of primary colours in his paintings,some of which was titled Blue fireworks,After the rain ,The lady in Red and Mind Challenge.
             You can find an article on this particular display in THE GUARDIAN newspaper today the 11th and also hoping that you will find time tomorrow to go see this great work at The Terra Kulture  in Victoria Island,Lagos.



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