Wow,I've been tagged by Yolanda ,the beautiful blogger behind Pink And Leopard Prints, I'm sorry this is coming a bit late i'm really not good at talking about myself but being the first time I've been tagged, i might as well do it now.i am going to start with two things  i consider
as negative things about me that i'm still working on making better and hoping i'm still liked by my lovely readers afterwards..lol.


1.  I can be really flippant with my mouth with out realising that i've stepped on some toes, especially when trying to solve other peoples problems, i think its because i always assume they are on the same page as i am,but at the end of everything, i always go all the way and most times out of my way  to give them my all.Only relatives and friends who understand this about me can actually put up with it.

2 . I'm not really good at saving money , I just started a business last year which i run from home,and to help me with being disciplined with my finances i decided to work with a finance professional so i don't run into problems in my business.

3 . I love watching American crime movies and  detective series that are related to forensics, this is why i went on to study laboratory sciences at the University.One time i spent a whole week at home watching the entire series of CSI's Maimi and New York on DVD .

4. I like to engage in thought provoking discussions,and this makes me read a lot of spiritual and intellectual books ,especially the ones relating to Health,Nature and the likes,my Bible is no exception.After high school, i spent my time writing Poems ,one of which was titled ''My Shining Star'' published in Azure and Amber (The international library of Poetry).

5 . Apart from the UK ,i've been to three other countries.I like  trying out new things and taking big personal risks,I'm six foot tall and scared of heights ( ironic.. right?) ,i also don't like travelling long distances,i get bored easily.

6 . I'm really clumsy at using make up. Up until a few years ago my routine was just pink lip gloss and black eye liners.Growing up and Being the last of six children i had a lot of hand-me-downs which didn't include shoes,so i spoil my self by buying lots of shoes.Ever since i was 19 I've been addicted to a particular style of jewelry ,the hoop earrings.

7 . Apart from English i also speak 2 Nigerian languages but would like to learn  other foreign languages like  Spanish or Chinese.I love the Chinese culture and language but i think its quite difficult to learn.Music tends to calm me down when i'm stressed  which is why I  listen  to more inspirational and Gospel songs and a bit of soul music.

8 . I grew up under strict parents whom i owe everything I've learnt today to,and two things i still don't have an answer for, is how i survived landing on my head falling from the balcony of the first floor building at home when i was two years old ,and why my parents corrected every spellings and sentences in the letters i wrote to them at home from boarding school asking for more money and sent each one back to me before sending the money.

9 . I am a very domestic person ,cleaning ,mending and cooking,I  learn new dishes everyday from watching international chefs on TV and You tube ,and then practice each one weekly.I hardly join people to eat together on the table ,i just like to watch so i can see the contentment on their faces when they taste my cooking,i absolutely hate wasting food and that is why i wait for every one to finish eating so i can eat their left-overs.I like fruits a lot,coconuts especially. I take herbal tea almost everyday and water almost every hour.I don't drink nor know how to make coffee ,I've only brewed it once and it turned out bad.I am a sucker for Ice cream and that is one thing You will always find in my freezer.

10 . I'm a member of a charity group which feeds the homeless in Nigeria through a church ministry where i taught toddlers and younger kids for two years.Charity is an on going thing in my life and i hope  in future i can have enough money to set up an orphanage centre.I try to exercise regularly but honestly i'm lazy at being consistent.

11. My principle on living a happy life has been selflessly serving others as you wish them to do unto you,i think that is what Christianity is all about,when you lead by placing your self last so that others can be happy, not Judging others or try to play ''God'' in their lives.

12. I have a huge sense of humour , i'm also an extremely shy person and i tend to hide this by joking about everything or being sarcastic in a funny way about serious issues ,i tear up when i laugh so hard you'd think i'm crying, i don't know why .I thought as i got older with more stress and responsibilities that this would stop .I just hope its not a medical condition.

13. I hate dirty rest rooms and kitchens and i can not stand sub-standard or fake things,especially stuffs i pay a lot of money for , this was actually the inspiration behind starting my blog.

14. Something i cherish most is my freedom.I have lots of friends but once i retire to my space i keep everyone at arms length,this can be  for days ,weeks even months.Its one time i have to myself to reflect, and meditate,this is how i handle stress.I'm often seen as someone who thinks  a lot and often gets lost in my Thither,i hate to admit it, but its true.

15 . I have a condition which i now consider an O.C.D , - i make beds every time i walk across any room,even when people are lying on them.I can't help myself, i think i got it from my days in boarding school.

16 . I can not watch TV with out being cynical or sarcastic,this is an attitude i picked up when i was a teenager sitting in the living room listening to my older brothers making a joke of everything and everyone we watched on telly .It's something i'm also working on changing about myself since no one wants to sit beside a wet blanket.

17 . One thing i haven't learnt how to handle well is coping with a loss. I've lost loved ones who have inspired me in many ways you can not begin to imagine. Some times i wonder if i can ever get over this.I see others and i wonder how they do it,but i don't  ask because i fear their replies may make me hurt more.

18 . I have folks who are neat freaks, especially my mom, i spend a week keeping my entire house in order whenever she is about to visit with her bags of fruits and vegetables,not that the house isn't clean but when it comes to my parents it has to be extra clean .

19 . I am very curious at knowing the why and how of things ,and  experimenting on my own , this has made it difficult for me to actually discover my real gifts,but When i do focus on something and give it a lot of efforts and hard work, I always arrive at mind blowing results.

20.  Finally, i like to remain in the back ground where things are happening ,this is something i have been doing since elementary school where everyone said i was too tall to sit in front of the class and obstructing their view, so i was glad to retire at the back, i really don't like being the centre of attention, I believe in humility and the '' live and let live'' philosophy.

         There you have it. I feel like I've just summarised my biography in just twenty paragraphs,What happens when i decide to write a real book...lol. I would like to hear from all my lovely readers about any of these facts that I have listed on my post.I would also like to know if any of these makes me a freak in another planet or if we have anything in common...lol.

                                                  What part of yourself would you like to share with others?

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