RED-DY , SET , GO - Classic Red LipStick.


    Show me a lady who doesn't have a red lipstick in her make up bag , ...uuhhh that would be Me.As a sucker for anything pink ,i had every shade of pink in lip liners,lip glosses and lip stick and it never occurred to me to find myself a classic red lip stick.I always felt that wearing a red lip stick wasn't age appropriate for me, and this notion came as a result of watching my older ones including my mom apply the red lip stick like it was going out of fashion. So after being convinced by Francadaze - a make-up artist friend of mine,i decided to try one or two or three orrr.. ,i think what she forgot to mention was how many shades of red lip colours you may have to go through before settling for the right one that suits your skin tone...lol.
       I ended up getting three shades of red in different brands - Avon,Barry M ,and M.A.C  but i'm going to review two for now because i haven't used  the M.A.C. lip stick yet which by the way had great reviews so i am saving it for last.


       This red lip stain works so well for me  i don't need to keep applying it every three or four hours,it has a pretty good lasting power,and feels so easy to apply with out smudging around the corners of your lip.The colour is a little on the dark side but it suits my skin tone.I havn't applied it using any lip liners, pencils or brush so it's definitely something i would use when i'm in a rush.The casing is small and portable it can fit into the smallest purse,and best of all it comes in pink..(baiting eyelids) .I hope i dont mistake it for one of my pink lip colours when leaving the house in a hurry.



       In the past, I've had to use one make-up accessory or the other by Avon, but i've  never tried their lip stick before,so this
purchase was based on trust and previous experiences.This lipstick has a rich colour which is superb ,for a moment there ,i thought i was applying a dark shade of pink but after several applications it settled as the lighter shade of red i was going for , and hours later when it began to wear off, my lips were more like a  mixture of orange and red.The texture feels light on my lips as if  i used a lip balm before applying it,but that's not the case.The only thing  about this lipstick is its longevity which i had to achieve using a tissue technique by Mathias Alan to make it last longer .

 It's quite affordable too,and in most cases can be delivered to you free of charge since AVON company has its sales representatives everywhere.

  Looking at the swatches above ,the two lip colours look the same ,but really the Avon lip stick has a lighter shade. I've got my eyes on the third one and will be reviewing it soon.So look out for an update here.

                                WHAT'S YOUR PERFECT SHADE  OF RED LIP STICK?
                                       WHAT BRAND IS MORE LONGER LASTING?

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