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   Happy New Month, and welcome to the month of Leo's.I just realised yesterday that it's only 4 months to Christmas ...(can  you believe that.., 4 months ),and not so much has changed in my skin routine,(quite a lot has changed in my hair ,diet and of course my spiritual and intellectual journeys this year ) but not much for my skin. I think i can say it's because I've tried so hard to stick with products that have been tried and tested ,and i mean skin products that have really remained true to my skin over the years.
  Call me Old fashion, but i have to say that having used so many skin products for either blemish control,acne control,moisturising e.t.c.,over the years,I still can't do with out my good old Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.I tell you ,this has been the go-to skin care staple in my family ever since i was born.
  Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston,and Halle Berry have sworn by this product which has been for generations and i mean  generations dating back as 1890. Although the packaging for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has over time been modified,the content is still the same - the smell,  texture, and colour. The makers of this product have also come out with a line of other skin care range , like the Cocoa Butter Range,Vaseline Lotion , and also the Men's Range.
  Even though i still have other moisturisers( like the Palmer's Range i reviewed HERE) that are part of my skin care regimen , i never forget to use the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which also comes in handy pocket sizes for people on the go.The Vaseline Lip Therapy below, now has aloe vera, and it does the job quite well for Dry Chapped lips.
  The Vaseline Blue Seal can be used as a moisturiser for elbows and knees, i use them at night under my eyes as well as my feet at night and then with the socks on before i sleep ,this helps to soften my feet and ankles.


Apart from being very effective the Blue Seal is very affordable. Other benefits of the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly -

.  For cuts and  bruises.
.  For exfoliation - Mix some Vaseline petroleum Jelly with sea salt or brown sugar,rub gently on the lips for    a smooth exfoliation.
. For Dry Nose .
. To soften Cuticles.

                                   Do you have a classic beauty product you still hang on to?  



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