so you've got a little bambino with natural African hair, but its such a pain getting them to sit and have their hair done in the salon or at home,because it hurts badly when combing through.
    In my Opinion it is not advisable to use chemical treatments such as relaxers on a child's hair at least until she/he is much older when the scalp can handle it,and these treatments also include texturizers which can also be damaging to a tender scalp, if you ask me i think it's just a sugar-coated name , the damn thing still contains chemicals like potassium hydroxide that is bad for a tender scalp like that of a child.

   The difference between the two are Relaxers are typically left on the hair anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, while texturizers shouldn't be left on for more than five (5)to 10 minutes. The amount of time the chemicals react with the hair is the main factor in differing results between the two processes.

    There are many choices to make when deciding how you want to grow your child's hair,some of these choices can also include protective styling ,like adding extensions to the hair. To get a variety of extensions with different textures, lengths and colours at affordable prices visit 
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Follow this routine to a soft manageable hair.

1. To comb through hair braids/corn rows that has been taken out before washing , try spraying a DETANGLING CONDITIONER on the hair before combing through.
e.g Just for me detangling 2 in 1 conditioner,which i reviewed here .

2. Wash the hair twice a week with a children's conditioning shampoo e.g Just for me 2 in1 conditioning shampoo.
in the case where you can not get a conditioning shampoo, find a shampoo for kids and a separate conditioner for kids.

3. Apply leave in conditioners for kids by ORGANICS ,at least every other day on the hair and less on the scalp to avoid itching.

4 . When washing the hair make sure the temperature of the water is warm enough for the child's hair , ( not too hot ,not cold , just slightly hot)

5. While washing the hair, massage the scalp very gently ( this helps to stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp and promotes hair growth at the same time while relaxing the child. I can not recall how many times I've been to the salon and i watch all these saloon girls washing the child's hair like they are digging for gold, or they are shaking off stones from the hair. This causes pain and breakage,the best way to wash the hair is to use the finger tips ,not finger nails.

6. Try as much as possible to dry the hair gently with a towel or a T-shirt before using the blow dryer, excessive use of the blow dryer can damage the hair and tend to make the hair brittle.

7. Repeat number one after washing and when you are about to blow dry the hair.

8. When blow drying use a good wide tooth comb ( not the plastic coloured weave on brush), start from the top of the hair holding the roots with your hand and comb. Do this for the entire sections of the hair before working your way down to the roots with the comb , this helps to release any tangled hair at the top and allows for easy combing from the roots all the way up,and this will definitely reduce tears.

9. If your child swims often , make sure you rinse the hair out with clean water to get rid of chlorine,dry with a towel or a T-shirt and use the conditioner ( leave-in ) as soon as the hair is dry.

10. Always keep the child's hair moisturised by using hair conditioner for kids. Try Organic Roots Stimulator  (ORS) hair products for kids. 

You can also mix water and glycerin in a spray bottle and spray on the child's hair 2 or 3 times daily,this can be done for really dry hair.

                                       Hair Products formulated for Kids Hair

One last tip- Try not to pull the hair at the nape area when making the corn-rows in the quest to make everything appear smooth and clean. To make the hair around that area smooth ,use your finger tips and apply Aloe Vera gel.


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