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Hello everyone , hope you all had a great weekend , i have been a bit ill for a while now so please pardon me as i will be making today's post really short. As the days get a little less colder i thought i'd style a simple outfit but as it happens that while the pictures were taken

SPRING BACK - Trends to watch out for this season.

photo credit: Vogue

   I woke up at 06:20 this morning and observed that the streets lights which usually streams through my bedroom window was off  and i was making my way around the room in normal day light coming in from the same window and i thought to myself, this can only mean one thing,


Hello everyone ,how's your weekend going , today on the blog i have a guest writer who is one of the authors at HighStyleLife ,meet Nicole Noel , She will be sharing with you some beauty secrets practiced by Miranda Kerr. Trust me ,you need to read this , i usually have my green tea in the mornings , but i can't believe how much more stuff one can actually do with green tea skin care until i read her post. Hope you enjoy reading too ,and let us know if you have any methods that works for you as well.


Nothing spells disaster than watching the rain pouring down on the day you decide to take photos outdoor for the blog. I can't  remember


'V' DAY by beautilicous featuring pointed-toe pumps

      Hello Everyone , Yay!!! it's Friday , and 2 more days to Valentine's day, i figured i'd share some outfit inspiration on the blog from my polyvore page . Hope you all have a great weekend and a lovely Valentine's day. Kisses.


Mmuaah , Muaahh, Muaaah ... Big kisses and hugs to you all, wow, it feels so good to be back to the blog after the break. Technically, my