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Fashion they say is clothes and accessories and style is what you do with it ,well, Solange Knowles is certainly not taking that quote for granted as we are going to see here today on the blog. Hello lovely people, today's post is focused on this talented artist but first let me introduce you to (for


Have you ever felt there was something wrong with your clock or wrist watch because that has been the situation for me lately. For the past few weeks  my day has been going by like the way a cookie monster devours  cookies,my alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning ,and even with the day planned out i realise that there's still so much left for me to do with little or no time to finish up,and this is why my blog has taken the back seat for a while. Hi Guys ,my apologies for being away from the blog ,i have been extremely busy,but hope everyone is doing great.
    I was inspired to do this post after i returned from shopping yesterday,with the warm weather here , new items in the stores are proof that summer is fast approaching. From sun hats to reflector glasses,high-waist bikinis to tankinis,not to mention the hawaiian inspired shorts and flip flops. From where i live,the beach is about 40 to 45 minutes walk depending on how fast or slow you want to walk,i guess this is on…


'''Its getting hot in here , so take off all your clothes , i am getting so hot i wanna take my clothes off'''' , that song by Nelly got me thinking if i should take off my hair colour . Yes it's getting warmer or should i say hotter now that we are gradually approaching summer season.
      Welcome to a new week and a new post which is all about hair and colours that are inspiring me to change from my naturally black hair to something a bit more feisty. I'm thinking red should be suitable for my skin tone like the hot red shade on Tyra Banks .
      Not that my black hair is boring but right now, i'm thinking of ways to change my looks starting with my hair this summer, i've always liked my black hair the way it is , but whenever i want to add extensions to them like the one i have here or weaves i start to think of other coloursapart from black.
      If you are looking to change things up this season  with your hair,…


So we have selected the winner for our Give Away which ended on the 29th of April ,and we are pleased to announce that Monica B  @MonicaBeaute_  has won the pretty pastel skirt from Tmart Store. Congratulations dear, Kindly get in touch with me through my contact email address on my profile on the left column with your details.
    Thank you to those who participated in this giveaway ,and for everyone who visited the website  and left their comments on the form. Have a great Tuesdays guys.



Sometimes it gets to a point where the trust you have for someone or something can no longer be questioned especially when it comes to keeping promises, This is the case with