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Hello dearies, hope you all had a lovely weekend, I spent most of mine watching the world cup matches ,as you all know its the elimination stage and just looking at the teams on the football pitch and their fans I was inspired by the colours that were dominant on the field, which was green, neon green and yellow.
     Lately I've been changing my nail polishes at night because


Hi guys, hope you all have been having a good week, i had an appointment to meet up with a client yesterday ,and just before i headed into her office i had to take a few quick pictures of the outfit i wore for this meeting,nothing great just that i was so pleased with


SHORTS INCORPORATED by beautilicous featuring michael antonio shoes

      Hello Ladies,so sorry this post is coming later than i promised, but here it is and its all about pairing your shorts this summer for a formal look for work. For some this might be a difficult transition especially if you are not comfortable revealing too much legs but the good news is that your shorts doesn't have to be the beach wear kind of shorts but rather a descent length so you don't appear too casual in the outfit this is where the 4th set ( www dot inspiration dot com) becomes very practical for you.
     For those who like it colourful ,the second set (The lady in Pink ) is just the right amount of colour,subtle yet put together for a lady like formal wear.
 I decided to use  three main formal colours that are very common in a work closet i.e  Black, Grey,and White for the outer wear (Jackets/Blazers) in three of the sets. These colours will give you a polished look even with a nice pair of sho…

The lady in Pink


www dot inspiration dot com



Hello people , here's a quick outfit post i just created at . A quick look at  a few items essential for this summer. You know you can't go wrong with a pair of shorts ,but what some would ask is how do you inco-operate a pair of shorts into a formal wear ,well watch out for tomorrow's post because i will be posting a few pictures of how you can turn your shorts into a work oufit. In the mean time the set below is perfect for a semi casual look for those who like comfy yet stylish looks. Enjoy!

S.U.M.M.E.R.I.S.I.N.G. by beautilicous featuring beaded jewelry


Hello Lovely people , i hope everyone had a great weekend and welcome to a brand new month. I was reading through a blog where i came across a review on the maybelline falsies, to be honest i was already sold on the colossal volume express that i felt i didn't need any more maybelline eye makeup but i really wanted to try the falsies and see the difference for my self.
       I still have my Colossal volume express mascara which i reviewed here, but the The falsies volume express has got a very good and better wand/brush and glides on so easily leaving no clumps.
      Below are step by step pictures of how i used both the Colossal Kajal and the Mascara

Starting with a clean and fresh face i got my eye lash curler and curled each eye lash (left and right) then proceeded to use the Colossal kajal to form my winged eye liner,i kind of like the effect the winged eye line gives to the eyes whether you have false lashes on or not it tends to awaken the eye lids.