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Step into a Bright New World with Pink Friday Nicki Minaj

To my dear


This is just a quick post on a  moisturiser i purchased which i'm yet to use.As you know from my post below ,yesterday was my wash day, and as much as i am not big on using heat on my hair i would like to try and stretch my hair over the weekend to reduce its thickness using my flat iron.
     Now, this will be the second hair product from Creme of Nature i will be using ( I use their  SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO once every 8 to 10 days which is awesome by the way ) and why i am hesitant to use this product is just because it has got Parebens and the dreaded Mineral oil.... oh yeaa (*nodding*). It comes in a 250ml plastic bottle and it says "" Restores Moisture, Heat Protectant & Adds Shine"" on the bottle as well.


     The texture is quite creamy and the colour is more yellowish, its very affordable too for the size.
         I've got a few questions about this product regarding using it as a heat protectant before using heating elements…


I washed my hair today using a shampoo which was reviewed here and i decided to see how well my hair was doing (length-wise) afterwards. It's been months since i actually did a length check,not that i am not always curious to know how long my hair has grown but i just decided to continue with my usual hair regimen and watch how well my hair responds to certain hair care products and treatments and just let everything else fall in place and this includes being patient.

     My last relaxer application was on the 10th of September, and my new growth has been really difficult to handle,as my natural hair is so coarse, never the less i''m happy with the growth rate and hoping that i will not have any complaints after my next relaxer application.I'm aiming for MBL (mid-back length) because i think it would be much easier for me to maintain a healthy hair at that length.

                      HAVE YOU DONE A LENGTH-CHECK LATELY?
                            HAS YOUR …

Rrrrrrgghh!!! - WILD INSTINCT

Lately ,I've been feeling the trend on the wild side,mostly the leopard prints that are trending in so many shades and combinations.I see the Animal prints ensemble as something that will always continue to trend season after season.
        They also come in different designs and accessories including nail arts ...yea. Most common colours I've seen around are either combined with black or brown , but they also come in unconventional colours like black and red , black and neon ,and also black and pink.
     Below are pictures of sets I've created on how i would style different animal prints.To view more pictures please visit and like the sets on my page as beautilicous .�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…

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