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During my product haul which i started here ,i noticed that  there were some products in my bathroom that were so good that it was such a tough decision throwing them away knowing they contained some form of paraben or mineral oil and one of those products was the Elasta QP hair moisturiser.
  A few days ago which was my wash day ,i scooped out the last bit left in the container and applied on to my hair and its amazing how just a small quantity was able to keep my hair moisturised through out the day,as it is right now, my hair seems to be responding well to creamy moisturisers like the ORS incredibly rich hair moisturiser and the Elasta QP rather than the water based moisturisers.

     I'm not sure what the main ingredient is ,but apart from olive oil and mango butter it does have Biotin and Avocado oil as part of its ingredients.Like i said ,the only thing that has discouraged me from making a second purchase is the presence of Parabens  (Methylparaben and Propylparaben),ot…

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Wow,I've been tagged by Yolanda ,the beautiful blogger behind Pink And Leopard Prints, I'm sorry this is coming a bit late i'm really not good at talking about myself but being the first time I've been tagged, i might as well do it now.i am going to start with two things  i consider


YES! i did it ,my new natural nails... A quarter of an inch nail growth on my fingers and i'm so excited ,i can't remember having my real nails looking this good ,they never grow beyond my cuticles and this is as a result of child hood habits of nail biting and domestic chores,so you can understand why this is huge for me
       I thought since everyone is on some kind of healthy journey (natural hair,long healthy hair, skin, e.t.c) including me, i figured it wouldn't hurt if i channeled that energy to another part of my body that needs a healthy growth too.You are looking at three months of daily supplements,regular manicure , and hand creams falling out of my house,handbag,car and everywhere else.

      I wasn't asking for fangs or claws but my greatest worry was that they weren't growing at all. I just wanted to be able to have a descent length i could flaunt, with or without any nail paints on them.So having achieved this the next thing i thought…

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