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Rain Down On Me

Little black Dress isn't little anymore


so you've got a little bambino with natural African hair, but its such a pain getting them to sit and have their hair done in the salon or at home,because it hurts badly when combing through.

    In my Opinion it is not advisable to use chemical treatments such as relaxers on a child's hair at least until she/he is much older when the scalp can handle it,and these treatments also include texturizers which can also be damaging to a tender scalp, if you ask me i think it's just a sugar-coated name , the damn thing still contains chemicals like potassium hydroxide that is bad for a tender scalp like that of a child.

   The difference between the two are Relaxers are typically left on the hair anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, while texturizers shouldn't be left on for more than five (5)to 10 minutes. The amount of time the chemicals react with the hair is the main factor in differing results between the two processes.

    There are many choices to make when deciding how you wa…

Beautiful People


Often times I come across products that may have received great reviews online but the same product doesn't really do much for others,hence the one star,two star ratings that come with the product review,Be it skin products,hair products,whatever, and then you get the ones that are so-so which are just averagely rated.
    In My last post below ,i did mention that regardless of race ,various hair types often react differently to different types of products,Well, i guess we can say the same for everything else - skin type ,weather conditions ,climate area e.t.c.With this in mind its best to find ways to make products work for you in order to get a considerably better result before we go on to hang the manufacturers of these products.... (just kidding)...
    So below are some tips on certain everyday products and techniques one can adopt in getting better results.


  Whether its moisturising oils for the skin or for the hair the best way to apply this First of all to the sk…


Hello Guys...,sorry i haven't been back here to review anything lately, been a bit under the weather,but really i can not complain even though i'm loving the weather this rainy season ,i have to be sure that i'm also giving my hair the right moisture it needs to grow.
    So I've been  researching and reading up lots of posts from fellow bloggers like me who are also on the ''long ,healthy hair'' band wagon,and have now come to understand that all hair types are not the same even though they may be of the same race and have the same texture,some hair types will react differently to certain hair products.
     I recently stumbled on a review by #freshlengths  on  Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment ,this was when i was really looking for the best conditioner that wouldn't leave my hair dry,and after using it twice i really didn't notice any difference in my hair except it  gave it more volume which made it a bit difficult to style.So i went ba…

Got Milk?

The Popular slogan which was used in the campaign that spread all around the United States of America in the 90's (nineties) promoting and encouraging their younger generation to drink milk.Looking back at the numerous Got Milk? advertisement then,in the magazines and T.V commercials by some celebrities including Mohammed Ali , Joan Rivers,Britney Spears,Tyra Banks , not forgetting the cartoon characters- Superman and The Simpsons, i can understand why the campaign ads which featured these celebrities having a sip of Milk and leaving a white film Moustache....(Funny huh?.. Yes) was and still is , the best Ad.
     The idea was for everyone regardless of your status anywhere in the world , to realise the importance and benefits of  milk in children and adults alike.One can not over emphasize the importance of  drinking Milk daily especially in the Life of a growing child. A lot of societies and countries especially in Africa are yet to embrace the Culture of drinking Milk at…