Make-Up Sponges

MAKE-UP SPONGES :  why we need to change them after each application.

         Ever wondered why the blemishes and acne on your face are still difficult to get rid off even after you have used so many products to clear your skin? Well, the answer may not be far off. Make up sponges used by make up artist for powder/foundation application could just be the answer.
 Most make up artist often change these sponges after using them on their clients , then why cant we do the same at home.Every powder or foundation i have bought has come with its own sponge application , but what i tend to do is to get more sponges , even though i do not use make-up on a daily basis, i always toss out the used one i find in my make up bag and use a new one for the next application.

 These sponges were meant to be disposable and this is why.
For every application ,the sponges are kept in the same compartment in your make up bag /dressing table or right in the powder enclosure, and these sponges accumulate germs which you can not see with the ordinary eye.

 So imagine , picking up the same used sponge and then slapping it on your face the next morning...Doesnt help,especially for our dear acne prone faces.

 You have nothing to lose by Changing a small make up accessory such as the sponge if you use it every day.It is affordable and can be bought in any market store.

If you have an oily skin and you tend to powder your face every now and then at the office or at home, then you need to have them in your make up purse, if you've got lots of stuff in your make up purse or bag where you keep them, then try wrapping them up in a cling film to prevent more germs.

How often do you change your make up Sponge?

                                                             Make up Sponges


Bread & Groom

The Mini Home Bakery

            For some reason which i really find hard to understand , there has been  a mad rush over the years for the Bread made at the Deli and Pastry section in SHOPRITE stores in Lagos.One could only imagine that this could be because the bakery is right there and the endless queue and fights over at the pastry section is because the bread made there is sold fresh from the Oven.
         I've always loved to embrace nature by making my own meals fresh at home, and eating fresh baked pastries is no exception .So why would i go through the  hustle of driving all the way down to the Deli at Shoprite,then join the long queue (while avoiding being stepped on or pushed around when the battle for this Bread ensues)  for a loaf of bread that is going to be  packed in a plastic/paper bag and eventually get cold by the time i'm ready to eat it.

       So lets talk about this ''special'' bread and what actually makes it so irresistible you want to fight someone over it. We already know that the same bread is what is also sold in the display shelves in the same deli,and one could just pick one up ,and pay for it  with out being on a long endless queue.But have you realised that you can get a better deal right in your own home , Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread and pastry right in your home without stress.

      With various bakeries churning out bread whether locally made or from restaurants,stores or Delis in high brow areas, Our daily ''bread'' is no longer the usual dough in a pan we used to know .The average house hold consumes at least one loaf of bread a day. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you can make as many loaves of your own as you want ,at home. Which brings me to the Groom .My Kenwood Bread maker.


With over 10 recipes of different types of pastries,15 baking programmes and more ,an automatic ingredient dispensing system ( meaning that all you do is just pour in the measured ingredients for baking into the pan inside ,cover it up and press the button to start), this 780 Watts mini machine can turn you into a Semi Professional pastry chef....(at home of course).

Using a 780 WATTS Kenwood bread maker at home is no big deal considering that almost every home has one or more kitchen gadgets that consumes more power ,like the micro wave oven which consumes slightly higher between 750 to 800 watts , the toaster, and not forgetting the Electric Kettle.

But for a Country like Nigeria ,where power supply is not regular ,using this mini oven will be taking a big risk because, if for some reason the machine is in the process of baking and the power supply goes off ,then the whole process will be a disaster and you are better of throwing everything away in the bin.

So how do you solve this problem ? ......Easy.

  Read the manual to find out the paticular model of bread maker you have and its power ratings ,once you've done this , you can hit the store and get a UPS SYSTEM  that will be dedicated to power up your bread maker until normal power is restored or you have turned on your Generator/Inverter.

You can find more information about the specifications for this particular Model  HERE.

                                 Its so portable , it can sit right at the corner of your kitchen table.

The bread maker should be every house hold gadget in the kitchen ,if you can get a micro wave oven or even a small refrigerator then you can afford to get this little wonder.

So when next you think of  hitting the stores to stand at the deli to wait for a loaf of bread,take a walk to the 'Electronics' section and pick up one of these bread makers .


Moisture For Your Hair

How to make your own Moisturizer.

Having realised my hair was consuming a bottle of Africa's Best detangling Moisturiser cream in less than 3 (three)weeks,i needed to supplement this with something i could make at home, so i came up with this water based solution for keeping your hair moisturised.

Rose Water

Many people will agree that Rose water has been used by many for skin benefits, but did you know that it also nourishes the hair and help prevent dandruff on scalp,a lot of the Rose water sold in stores also come with glycerin ,this is because it works well when usaned together .

So with  a bottle of Rose water and Glycerin, mixed in equal part with water you can have a healthy mositurised hair.

One bottle of Boots Rose Water & the same Quantity of  Water (50- 50) in a spray bottle and  shake thoroughly before spraying on to your hair and scalp.
Massage scalp and leave in for about 20 to 30 mins before you wash off,and comb through with a wide tooth comb.
You may decide to leave this on your hair for the whole day  if you have got really bad dandruff or a difficult to comb coarse hair.

Pure rose water only ,can also be applied to the scalp to treat dandruff and dryness.

                                                 Rose Water Glycerin & Water in  Spray Bottle


Hair Regimen

Hair Treatment.

Many years ago,As a teenager,i didn't really have issues with my hair ,it was very full ,dark and way past my shoulder length,i didn't do much  to it except the usual relaxing and braiding every now and then , but i realised that i could get more length if  relaxed every three months or more . Well my friends said it was just in my genes and probably i was getting more nutrients/vitamins from my diet that helped with my hair growth. i didn't think so , because later on even though my diet didn't change  i started having hair loss, and severe breakage ,dryness, itchy scalp and i was finding it difficult to get the length to wrap my hair in a bun as i used to, but the colour was still the same ( black) .
 So last year , i then decided to deal with the problem , i resorted to my good ol' organic remedies which i prepared in my kitchen .

This is a protein treatment i use once a week , and then Co wash  with the ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR replenishing conditioner.I also wash once a week using Africa's best OLIVE OIL shampoo

Protein mix

2 tbsp of Mayonnaise    ( used in salad dressing)
4 tbsp of Local Shea butter  ( melted)
2 tbsp olive Oil  OR  4 tbsp Almond Oil
2 tbsp coconut Oil
2 eggs ( crack it open and use only the egg whites or albumen)

mix thoroughly and apply to the hair especially at the ends, which is where hair tends to be weaker ,and then wrap it up in Plastic film.

i usually carry this over night and then do a Co-wash with my ORS conditioner the following morning ,i then allow to dry on its own  and then spray a detangling moisturiser like Just for me detangler which is water based and then comb through with a large tooth comb.YOU JUST HAVE TO GET ONE OF THOSE.
   All other types of combs are not gentle to  African or kinky hair

the other detangling moisturiser i have tried recently is the AFRICA'S BEST Organic moisturing detangler, unlike Just for me  its has a creamy texture and helps me to manage my hair on a daily bases when styling it .

                                                       protein mix with my co-washing conditioner

The other detangling moisturiser i have tried recently is the AFRICA'S BEST Organics SHEA BUTTER moisturing detangler, unlike Just for me  its has a creamy texture and helps me to manage my hair on a daily bases when styling it .I often wrap my hair in a burn with the ends tucked in.

                             Africa's best olive oil shampoo, Africa's best she butter moisturizer,Just for me detangler

Now my last full relaxer application was in february,and i can feel the new growth each time my comb passes through, my last trim cut was about a few weeks ago , and here's my current length ( shoulder level).

                                                                 My Shoulder length may 2013

I'm due for relaxing by the end of June ,and i can't wait the to see how much its grown.So far all i do in styling my hair is just wrap in a burn and hide the ends.

then i apply on the stubborn ones with a little Aloe Vera gel to make it smooth


My hair in a bun tucked in.

The Aloe Vera  Gel thing was just self improvised because its what i use as a moisturiser after shaving.

Aloe vera gel    

I really dont stress my hair a lot or use heat objects like the hair straightener,or dryer, it tends to dry out my hair and often makes it look untidy afterwards                                                                                           .                                                                                           

When i do braid , i always tell the hair dresser to leave out the edges,they the most vulnerable ones, and the        first to go when hair is breaking .                                                                                                            .