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Sunny side up

Sunny side up by beautilicous featuring charlotte olympia
Bodycon dress

Bodycon dress

Bodycon dress
$185 -

Bodycon dress
$185 -

Charlotte olympia


NYX hologram nail polish

I Am So Over You Dry Skin.

Dry Skin.

I am so glad i finally got my Neutrogena Home Kit, Haven't used them yet ,but this item had such great reviews on amazon that i had to get mine , its like getting a Skin Rejuvenation  the D.I.Y way at home and on a budget.

I am supposed to follow up with the Cocoa butter Moisturizing oil,but as you can see in the picture i've already started on the Cocoa Butter Body Oil as my daily skin moisturizer,a.m & p.m.

The PALMER'S Moisturizing Body Oil is non greasy, meaning it will absorbs almost immediately in to your skin without messing up your clothes , and you can instantly see your skin come alive... all day.

Neutrogena Home Kit

PALMER'S Moisturizing Body Oil

Chipped Polish? Orly to the rescue

I've had the Orly (dark chocolate ) on for about 3 weeks now , and this nail polish has remained the same.Rocking a chipped nail polish could sometimes be sexy if you've got really nice nails, but if you haven't got them and don't know how to rock chipped polish ,then ORLY is your go-to nail paint.Orly polish are made to last with out chipping ,when you're ready to wipe them they can be pretty hard to remove with the polish remover.

 Orly DIY .

                      Orly ..Tried and Tested.

Summer Loading

Fertility Boost


Apart from being an organic alternative to other medically prescribed fertility drugs,it has got some great reviews on its website and also on Amazon.I would never have known about this product if i did not know someone who actually used it for close to a year and was amazed how it worked for her.
  Well as the name suggests ,and according to the website ,some users have been pregnant with multiple pregnancies using this product (either in place of of other fertility drugs) after a prolonged usage,While others say the product has helped them get pregnant.There are also related products of such which also have cassava roots as their main ingredient,but i think this one will get thumbs up from me ,Why? because this particular person i met with  is the proof that this product does work.

Now, what this product does in women is to boost ovulation , maintains regular Menstrual cycle and  it is easy to swallow , the good thing about this product is that it is 100 percent organic…

The Perfect Detangling Conditioner .

  Lets face it ladies,show me a girl who has never had issues with their Brazilian, Peruvian,Indian ,chocolate Hair, the most frustrating being that they tend to tangle especially when left unattended.It's so bad that sometimes you have no choice but to throw the damn thing away,even though you'v.e spent a lot of money to get it .
      Well here's a little secret that will detangle your weave,extensions and will not break the bank.
The Just for Me Detangling conditioner. I know the product has been made for kids hair which tend to be difficult to manage ,but this little but mighty product has shown to do wonders on all kinds of hair by losing  up the knots at the ends ,and also conditioning the hair at the same time.
    This amazing products is non greasy and smells really nice, a little spray all around the hair ,allow for 10 seconds to settle in and then run your fingers through the hair before brushing or combing and  your hair is ready for the day.

Neutrogena It is !

Now if you are an acute acne sufferer ,you will understand the frustration behind spending that much on acne treatment and getting little or no significant results,which brings me to this amazing company called Neutrogena.
   I must say that the picture below may be a little frightening considering that this is what goes in to almost an everyday routine to get rid of acne and skin blemishes,but trust me ladies, its really worth it.
From the Neutrogena clear skin treatment with Salicylic acid and Retinol for blemishes to the Helioplex range of sunblock that every man on earth should be using daily.
  Although this is quite a lot  ,but i have followed the routine for  about a year now that my acne has been reduced to the minimum so at the moment what i use is the cleanser (at night ), followed by the anti blemish cream  and sunblock in the mornings.So i will only review the Anti Blemish / Anti Wrinkle range.

Neutrogena Anti Blemish ,Anti Wrinkle  (clear skin) Treatment:

The Cleanser : mild n…